Swiss Re Next

New and old: Swiss Re Next is taking shape, watched over by our original headquarter building from 1913 (photo)

New and old: Our Swiss Re Next project in Zurich is taking shape, watched over by our original headquarter building from 1913.

Under the title of Swiss Re Next, we are currently constructing a replacement building for the former Neubau (“new building”) at the Group’s Zurich headquarters. From the start, sustainability was defined as one of the key features of the project. Our goal is to be awarded the MINERGIE-P-ECO® certificate as well as the highest certification level of the US LEED system ( – LEED Platinum. We have already received the preliminary MINERGIE-P-ECO® certificate and successfully passed the LEED design review.

Upgrading to a climate-friendly cooling agent

Originally, the heating and cooling system of Swiss Re Next was planned with equipment that uses a specific type of natural cooling agent (NH3), in line with the requirements of the MINERGIE-P-ECO® und LEED Platinum labels. During 2015, we decided in talks with the planning engineers to switch to a different type of cooling unit that uses a newly developed cooling agent (HFO).

The key benefit of this new cooling agent is that it has a very low global warming potential and thus a negligible climate change effect. Furthermore, it is less dangerous for humans in the event of an accident such as a leakage. As a result of switching to a new cooling agent, the Swiss Re Next planning team had to adjust the security and safety concepts together with the local authorities. As this new cooling agent will be used for the first time in Zurich, finding appropriate solutions was a considerable challenge.

Spruced up communication

As Swiss Re Next is slowly but surely taking shape, we also introduced a new element to its project website. A number of green tiles with short aphorisms now draw attention to some of the building’s key sustainability features. They engage the reader with the invitation to “let’s talk about this together” and highlight environmental, social and ethical aspects of the project. Here are some examples “People who work in glass houses …”, “It’s a hat trick – chapeau!”, “Better than new?”, “What’s in a symbol”, “Blessings from above”.

Swiss Re Next online

Extensive background information on the Swiss Re Next project and its progress is available on a special website at