Implementation areas

We seek to address the issues we have determined as material across all the areas of our business where our activities can make a contribution to sustainable value creation. These areas are listed below:

Business solutions

Within our core business of re/insurance and asset management, we strive to develop innovative solutions that help to tackle key environmental and social challenges. To achieve this, we work together with our clients and partners, both in the private and public sectors.

Risk intelligence

We develop and apply tailor-made tools to extend the scope of our risk management. This enables us to identify and appropriately address sustainability-related and emerging risks in our core business.

Stakeholder dialogue

Through regular dialogue with our clients and other stakeholders, we help to develop effective responses to sustainability and other key issues, by raising awareness of both the risks and the opportunities arising from them.

Our footprint

We apply best-practice standards of resource management to our properties and logistic operations as well as guidelines to our sourcing activities. In doing so, we continually reduce Swiss Re’s direct environmental impact.

Our people

Drawing on the know-how and experience of a diverse, multigenerational group of people, we want to ensure our employees can contribute to an organisation that is constantly looking for new ways to improve the wellbeing of society – where how we achieve results is as important as what we achieve.

Active in society

Playing an active role in society beyond our core business is important to us. Globally, we empower vulnerable communities to become more resilient to risk and, where we have offices, we encourage volunteering activities and support local institutions.

Governance and compliance

By adhering to the highest standards of governance and compliance, we seek to maintain effective checks and balances between the top corporate bodies and to ensure the application of laws and ethical standards in our business. Swiss Re’s commitment to sustainability is fully integrated into the Code of Conduct.

The overview shows in which of these areas we address which material topics and where you can find corresponding information in the present report or in “The Swiss Re Foundation in 2015”.