Exploring and shaping the risk landscape

We engage in regular dialogue with our stakeholders. By sharing expertise and know-how, we help society to develop effective responses to key risks.

With our re/insurance solutions we help our clients and partners to cope with the risks they face. This helps to create stability and enables economic growth. But many of today’s risks are complex and may threaten sustainable progress. To find effective, long-term responses to such risks, partners from the public and the private sector need to work together.

This is why we attach great importance to ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders. Using the expertise from our core business, we identify key risk topics and take an active role in discussions on them. We share and exchange knowledge through many channels, eg our renowned publications including the sigma series, international dialogue platforms, events at our Centre for Global Dialogue, and cooperation with governments and academic institutions. Through this ongoing dialogue, our stakeholders give us valuable feedback and new insights for our risk management and product development.