Development and training

Implementing effective programmes to further develop and train our employee and leaders lies at the heart of our People Strategy. This is also something that employees really want, as reflected in the Employee Engagement Survey results, where respondents asked for more development opportunities at Swiss Re.

Therefore, we made a number of changes to more effectively embed the 70/20/10 approach to development and growth. This approach advocates a shift from formal training (only 10%) to more actions that reflect “on-the-job experiences” (70%) and “learning from others” (20%).

These changes include introducing new skill development solutions for leaders called “masterclasses”, revamping and improving our Talent Broker platform which facilitates internal rotations, piloting “reverse mentoring” and continuing with our “speed mentoring” offers.

In addition, we invested significant time in embedding the Leadership and Personal Imperatives we need from our people to ensure the future success of Swiss Re.

Learning data, Swiss Re Group





Total learning hours recorded

163 305

159 551

204 225

Learning hours per employee




Learning costs per employee (in USD)

1 800

1 500

1 024