Two new Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) studies

Through the ECA methodology, we also analyse the effects of climate change on a longer timescale, enabling us to provide our clients with strategic advice and integral risk assessments about natural disasters and climate adaptation. ECA studies quantify today’s climate risks, the potential increase of populations and assets at risk due to economic development, plus the additional risk posed by climate change, with a time horizon of up to 30 years. In a second step, our studies identify cost-effective measures to minimise and adapt to these risks. In this way, they give decision makers important information needed to integrate climate adaptation with economic development, paving the way for sustainable growth.

In 2015, we completed two new ECA studies, both at the request and with the support of the German Development Bank (KfW): one for Barisal in Bangladesh and one for San Salvador in El Salvador. They are the first two ECA studies for which KfW has provided the funding in order to systematically identify adaptation measures with a high potential. The bank then helps to finance their implementation, together with the local city government.