Senior management development and growth

Our ambition is to accelerate the development of leadership and managerial skills in order to inspire a multi-generational workforce. This is vital to ensure our leaders can inspire and engage through honest discussions across all levels in the organisation. They need to be able to give and be open to receiving timely and constructive feedback to improve individual, team and Group results.

Last year, the number of leadership training hours doubled in comparison to the previous year. We also designed and piloted a number of “masterclasses” for leaders on topics such as “Driving performance through effective leadership communication and feedback” and “Managing performance and reward decisions”. Given our focus on this area, we are pleased to see that our Employee Engagement Survey indicates that a more open feedback culture is emerging.

We also developed a growth survey tool involving a 360° process. This survey is designed to provide feedback on the effectiveness of leaders and experts as well as to identify areas for further development. In 2015, 144 leaders participated in the survey as part of their enrolment process for our in-house leadership programmes.