Our Early Joiners programmes

Each year, the [email protected] programme provides entry positions for around 50 university graduates who have little or no work experience. It offers an excellent opportunity for young talents to discover the exciting world of a leading global re/insurer.

Over a period of 18 months, the graduates receive on-the-job training in their respective functions. They also attend a number of classroom-based training sessions which are specifically designed for the programme and focus on Swiss Re’s core business areas. At the end of 2015, around 350 graduates had either completed the programme since its launch in 2007 or were participating in it. They are employed across many different functions and regions.

In 2015, we employed 55 interns. This includes three internship positions for students from the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in support of our high growth market talent strategy in Africa. The [email protected] programme is mainly aimed at university students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and at graduates with less than one year of full-time work experience. Interns join teams in core business areas, where they take on specific tasks and various projects. In India, the US and the UK we offer traditional summer internships that typically last between eight and 12 weeks, while in Germany and Switzerland the internships usually span a period of three to six months.

Our Actuarial Development Programme (ADP) is designed to provide students with work assignments and projects that are challenging, educational and promote personal and professional development. We view superior actuarial expertise as a vital factor for our success. That’s why we place great emphasis on recruiting top talents for our programme. We help develop actuaries in many ways – from study allowances to mentoring and career development. Every year, we hire approximately 12 college students to join the programme running from May to August, followed by possible full-time employment.

In three locations we offer a Junior Power programme. Originally launched in Zurich in 1981, the programme was extended to Munich in 2008 and, in 2014, to London. In total, we have trained over 550 apprentices and trainees through the programme. Currently, 95 apprentices and trainees, aged between 15 and 25, participate in it and are being trained in a broad range of occupations. We provide them with an innovative and high-quality learning environment that enables them to build up the competencies and skills they need for the labour market. In this way, we also make a positive contribution to youth employment.

In turn, our apprentices and trainees contribute to the success of their respective teams, add new perspectives to Swiss Re and challenge established practices. We offer training for business roles, computer specialists, chefs, hotel housekeepers and media specialists. About 25% of all our former apprentices and trainees are still working at Swiss Re.

Participants of our Early Joiner programmes have said that they particularly appreciate the multicultural and open environment we offer, as well as the daily exchange with specialists from various disciplines.