Goals for our material issues

For all material issues we have set qualitative objectives and, for some of them, quantitative ones, as well:

Managing climate and natural disaster risk

Advancing sustainable energy solutions

  • Use our capacity and technical expertise to provide effective risk covers for complex offshore wind farm projects;
  • Obtain 100% of power used for our own operations from renewable sources by 2020.

Funding longer lives

  • Use our capacity, technical expertise natural offset of our mortality business to offer our clients risk transfer solutions for their longevity risk.

Partnering for food security

  • In cooperation with key stakeholders, create solutions to improve food security by giving farmers protection against natural perils;
  • Through commitment to the Grow Africa Partnership, offer up to 1.4 million smallholder farmers in Africa protection against weather risks (target met in 2014).

Supporting financial resilience

  • Actively participate in the financial reform dialogue to promote policies supporting financial resilience and sustainable economic growth.

Managing sustainability risks

  • Consistently identify potential sustainability risks in our business transactions and abstain from them if warranted, and engage with clients and industry partners on how to address such risks.

Empowering our people

  • Continue to build an organisation of diverse people that have a passion to make the world more resilient;
  • Achieve a top-quartile employee engagement score (EES >72%).

Ensuring good governance and compliance

  • Continuously assess our corporate governance against best practices and new stakeholder demands;
  • Regularly update our compliance policies as appropriate, oversee effective implementation thereof and deliver meaningful training and communication to our employees.