Our Centre for Global Dialogue

The Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue (the “Centre”) is an important platform for interaction with our external stakeholders. Located near Zurich, this state-of-the-art conference centre hosts client and expert events. It allows us to present our thinking on some of the key issues confronting our industry and society at large, while exploring topics that are critical to a better understanding of the risk landscape we are facing.

Besides organising dialogue events, the Centre is responsible for executive client training and engages in research projects with third parties, principally from academia. These projects provide us with fresh perspectives on topics of pressing concern to the re/insurance industry. The Centre also manages some of Swiss Re’s key external networks.

Our Centre for Global Dialogue reflects our commitment to being a knowledge company. We believe that by openly exchanging and sharing this knowledge we, our clients and stakeholders can be “smarter together”. Below you can read summaries of three events organised by the Centre in 2015: