How we operate

Swiss Re is a knowledge company. We apply that knowledge to help clients, shareholders and society.

In simplified terms, our business models works as follows:

We provide tailor-made solutions through traditional reinsurance or insurance-based capital market instruments. At the core of our expertise is the costing, pricing and diversification of non-life and life risks.

Against up-front premium payments, our solutions enable our clients to reduce peak risks, reduce earnings volatility, free up capital and finance growth, and achieve capital management targets for solvency and ratings.

We invest assets long-term until money is needed, applying asset-liability matching techniques to align the duration and currency of invested assets to the duration and currency of our insurance liabilities, ensuring that we deliver on our promises to our clients.

We compensate for our clients’ losses, using effective claims management procedures that are based on industry best practice, providing speed of payment when clients need us most.