Expert Forum on 3D printing: changing the world one print at a time

3D printing is the name given to additive manufacturing, a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It is widely seen as a technology that will change the course of global manufacturing and the supply chain. Today, a number of industries already apply 3D printing for various purposes, from rapid prototyping to end-product manufacturing.

As this, too, is seen as a disruptive technology, we have a strong interest in understanding the potential implications for the re/insurance industry. Our emerging risk specialists already took a closer look at the topic some years ago and we included a case study in our 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report. The Expert Forum held at the Centre for Global Dialogue in 2015 brought together participants from re/insurance, industry, academia, regulatory bodies and the general public to discuss the risks and opportunities posed by this new technology.

After five breakout sessions, Eric Schuh, Head of the Casualty Centre at Swiss Re, gave a keynote speech on some of the lines of business that could be affected as 3D printing becomes more widespread. 3D printing experts and legal scholars then joined Jayne Plunkett, our Head Casualty Underwriting Reinsurance, in an interactive panel discussion. Points made during the discussion concerned the difficulty to regulate 3D printing across different industries and whether it would be possible to clearly identify the source of any losses. The conclusion was that 3D printing will require new underwriting approaches but that it will also create significant opportunities to provide additional cover to small, medium and large enterprises.

Expert Forum on 3D Printing – Figure with a rabbit-head (photo)
Expert Forum on 3D Printing – A man showing his second skin (photo)
Expert Forum on 3D Printing – Different artworks (photo)
Expert Forum on 3D Printing – Hands holding a 3D Printing form (photo)

Impressions from the Expert Forum on 3D Printing we held at our Centre for Global Dialogue. Together with our partners, we seek to understand both the risks and opportunities this “disruptive” technology will create for re/insurers.

Cyber Security Risk Governance Workshop:

This event was organised by the International Risk Governance Council and hosted by us at the Centre for Global Dialogue. “Cyber attacks” are yet another emerging risk we identified and showcased a few years ago, namely in the 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report.