The Swiss Re Foundation

Empowering communities to build resilience.

Women walking with her child in a low-income are in Lima, Peru. (photo)

Serving low-income areas of Lima, Peru, that lack municipal sanitation, x-runner offers water-free toilets and solid waste pick-up at affordable prices.

Who we are

The Swiss Re Foundation reflects the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re. We empower vulnerable communities to become more resilient to risk and to adapt to changing circumstances. Our programmes address the underlying causes and challenging effects of changes in the natural and social environment. Swiss Re’s core competencies are thus directly relevant to our work.

How we help

Disaster risk reduction

We support initiatives aimed at preventing and preparing for the adverse impacts of natural disasters and the suffering they cause.

Capacity building

We help people and communities develop skills to improve their living conditions and their resilience.

Research and innovation

We fund efforts to develop new risk management approaches that can work in areas often thought uninsurable.

Social entrepreneurship

We support entrepreneurs whose ideas and connections can provide innovative solutions to critical social and environmental problems.

Emergency aid

Rapid assistance can save lives in a large-scale emergency. We respond through immediate grants and donation matching programmes for Swiss Re employees.

Community support

Our community programmes promote social welfare and protect the natural environment close to Swiss Re offices.

The Swiss Re Foundation in 2015 – Seeds of resilience

This report presents the Swiss Re Foundation’s approach, a focus section on building resilience and an overview of its programmes.

The Swiss Re Foundation in 2015 – Seeds of resilience (cover)

What we respond to

Threats to:

  • Health
  • Security
  • Prosperity
  • Opportunity

What our priorities are

  • Climate
  • Natural hazards
  • Water
  • Society

Who we support

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • NGOs
  • Academic institutions that help communities increase their resilience

Where we help

  • In emerging and developing countries
  • In regions where Swiss Re has offices