Goals for our Corporate Responsibility Topics

For all our existing as well as the revised and new Corporate Responsibility Topics we have set goals – some quantitative, others qualitative. The overview shows where you can find information on the progress we have made on these goals.

Managing climate and natural disaster risk

Advancing sustainable energy solutions

  • Use our capacity and technical expertise to provide effective risk covers for complex offshore wind farm projects.

Funding longer lives

  • Use our capacity, technical expertise and natural offset of our mortality business to offer our clients risk transfer solutions for their longevity risk.

Partnering for food security

  • In cooperation with key stakeholders, create solutions to improve food security by giving farmers protection against natural perils;
  • Through our commitment to the Grow Africa Partnership, offer up to 1.4 million smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa protection against weather risks by 2017.

Managing sustainability risks

  • Consistently identify potential sustainability risks in our business transactions and abstain from them if warranted;
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sensitive Business Risk (SBR) process by advancing automation of sustainability risk screening with our proprietary SBR Assessment Tool;
  • Engage with clients and industry partners on how to address and reduce sustainability risks in business transactions, especially in high growth markets.

Engaging our people

  • Continue to build an organisation of diverse people that have a passion to make the world more resilient;
  • Achieve a top-quartile employee engagement score (EES >71%).

Ensuring good corporate governance and compliance

  • Continuously assess our corporate governance against best practices and new stakeholder demands;
  • Regularly update our compliance policies as appropriate, oversee effective implementation thereof and deliver meaningful training and communication to our employees.

Investing responsibly

  • Meet our investment target for green bonds of at least USD 1.0 billion.

Reducing our environmental footprint

  • Keep per-capita CO2 emissions from our own operations at 2013 levels, which we had reduced by 49.3% in the ten years since 2003;
  • Reduce our energy intensity by an average 2% per year;
  • Obtain 100% of power used for our own operations from renewable sources by 2020;
  • Include our tier 1 and tier 2 vendors in the EcoVadis platform by 2020.

Swiss Re Foundation: Empowering communities

  • Contribute to resilient societies by increasingly engaging Swiss Re employees with their skills and expertise.

Advancing access to insurance

  • Advance our understanding of the societal impact of insurance and develop metrics to measure our impact on stakeholders.

Navigating the digital transformation

  • Refine our understanding of societal challenges related to the digital transformation.