Diversity and inclusion

One of the key aspirations of our People Strategy is to attract and engage talented employees from different backgrounds by living a flexible, inclusive and open culture where dialogue and different perspectives are valued. This aspiration is reflected in our diversity and inclusion (D&I) vision: “See, feel and live diversity – diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation (LGBT), physical abilities, personalities and experiences – at all levels, functions and regions of Swiss Re”.

We are committed to this vision because it supports an environment in which our employees value each other’s differences and where they can all bring their authentic selves to the workplace – an environment in which our inclusive culture enables us to truly live our “smarter together” brand promise.

Living up to this promise, our global D&I community, a committed group of business D&I Champions, local D&I Councils and employee networks, continued their strong efforts to ensure our diversity and inclusion framework is firmly embedded in our corporate culture. These efforts are reflected in our 2016 employee engagement results, which tell us that our employees are positive about Swiss Re’s open and inclusive culture, and that they see the value we place on diversity.