The Swiss Re Foundation

Empower communities – build resilience

Who we are

The Foundation reflects the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re. We partner with social entrepreneurs, aid organisations, researchers and Swiss Re employees and clients to help communities increase their resilience.

Our initiatives address the causes and effects of risks in four areas – climate, natural hazards, water and society – both in emerging and developing countries and in regions where Swiss Re has offices.

Swiss Re volunteers tuning up a used bike (photo)

On a Community Day in Switzerland, Swiss Re volunteers and a refugee tune up a used bike for shipment to a needy community in Madagascar.

Our core goals:

Empower communities to become more resilient to risk and adapt to a changing natural and social environment

Contribute to promoting social welfare, protecting the environment and enhancing quality of life near Swiss Re locations

Engage Swiss Re employees as local volunteers and as expert consultants in our global programmes

Boost impact by teaming up with private and public partners that share our goals and complement our expertise

Earn the respect of our stakeholders, creating measurable value for society and for Swiss Re

What we respond to

Threats to:

  • Health
  • Security
  • Prosperity
  • Opportunity

What our priorities are

  • Climate
  • Natural hazards
  • Water
  • Society

Who we support

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • NGOs
  • Academic institutions that help communities increase their resilience

Where we help

  • In emerging and developing countries
  • In regions where Swiss Re has offices

The Swiss Re Foundation in 2016 – Shared skills, resilient futures

This report presents the Swiss Re Foundation’s approach, a focus section on employee engagement, its awards and an overview of its programmes.

The Swiss Re Foundation in 2016 – Shared skills, resilient futures (cover)