Responsible investment framework

Our asset management runs under a well-defined framework, which considers ESG criteria consistent with the Group’s Code of Conduct and Swiss Re’s commitment to sustainability. This pledge is further outlined in the Group Asset Management Responsible Investment Policy, which describes our approach and principles with regard to sustainable investing. This is complemented by the Swiss Re Asset Management Voting Framework, which provides guiding principles that apply to all our voting activities.

The Responsible Investment Policy also describes the roles and accountabilities to ensure the integration of ESG considerations: The overall responsibility for sustainable investing lies with the Group Chief Investment Officer, who is advised by the Asset Management Executive Team and the Asset Management Investment Committee. Furthermore, an ESG Advisory Group, formed by representatives of all investment units, legal, compliance and risk management and steered by the Head Responsible Investing, conducts our responsible investment activities and monitors their progress. Through this governance structure, we ensure a comprehensive commitment to responsible investment in our day-to-day asset management activities.

In 2007, we signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and in 2012, the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI), thereby formally endorsing our commitment to corporate responsibility. The PRI and PSI are considered in Swiss Re’s comprehensive responsible investment framework.

All PRI signatories are required to provide in-depth reporting on their responsible investment activities. The reports are available on the PRI website.