Our employees’ wellbeing

We set high standards in terms of caring for the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees and offer a broad range of solutions on topics like crisis intervention, counselling, health care and diverse engagement activities.

We know that the nature of these activities is sensitive to local specifics – such as culture or local regulations. Therefore, we have decided to implement a consistent model across all regions where these services will be provided out of the local Human Resources units, supported by external partners when required.

Health and wellbeing

We aim to provide a healthy workplace that helps our employees take a constructive approach to their own wellbeing, while improving and retaining their ability to perform.

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. We offer free, locally available Employee Assistance Programmes, through which our employees can get confidential, impartial and professional assistance on issues of a personal or work-related nature. In this way, our employees can benefit from personalised support on emotional, family, financial and legal issues.

We also hold various local events on topics such as work stress, mental health and awareness trainings. For example, in Australia we organised various activities that focused on physical and mental health such as a stress & resilience workshop, a “Happy Body at Work” seminar and we invited guest speakers from new medical facilities and the local gym. In Bangalore we offered a health & nutrition session and a bone density check to help detect possible mineral deficiencies and take corrective action. In Hong Kong a special week was dedicated to increasing awareness of work-life balance. We also offer free flu jabs in various countries, such as Switzerland, the UK and the United States.

To help our people stay fit, we provide onsite fitness centres or classes and encourage employees to join the local gym. For instance, in Switzerland we provide fitness rooms where employees can work out or join lessons such as yoga or spinning. We also have a sport complex with a swimming pool, tennis courts and soccer court where our employees, their partners and children have unrestricted, free access. Our employees regularly enjoy spending quality time there, especially over the summer period when a number of social events take place.

Employee health data:
Sick leave days, Switzerland regular staff





Number of employees

3 321

3 326

3 267

Number of employees who have recorded absence due to illness

1 900

1 979

1 809

Average number of sick days