At least three-quarters of the members of the Board of Directors must be independent members. SRL defines independence in line with best-practice corporate governance standards. To be considered independent a Board member may not be, and may not have been in the past five years, employed as a member of the Group EC, or by any subsidiary of the Group, or may not have a material relationship with any part of the Group (either directly or as a partner, director or shareholder of an organisation that has a material relationship with the Group) other than serving as an independent board member in any subsidiary. In addition, the Board agrees on other criteria that disqualify a Board member from being considered independent, taking into consideration provisions of applicable law, regulations and best practice.

In particular, each of the Board members must annually confirm that he or she: has not been employed by the company in any capacity within the last five years; has not accepted and does not have a family member who accepted any payments from the company or any subsidiary of the company in excess of USD 120 000 during the current fiscal year or any of the past three fiscal years; is not a family member of an individual who is, or during the past three years was employed by the company or by a subsidiary of the company in any capacity; is not (and is not affiliated with a company that is) an adviser or consultant to the company or a member of the company’s senior management; is not affiliated with a significant customer or supplier of the company; does not have any personal services contract(s) with the company or a member of the company’s senior management; is not affiliated with a not-for-profit entity that receives significant contributions from the company; has not been a partner or employee of the company’s external auditor during the past three years, and does not have any other conflict of interest that the Board of Directors determines to mean he or she cannot be considered independent.

All the members of the Board of Directors meet our independence criteria, with the exception of our Chairman. As a full-time Chairman he is not considered independent.