Group structure and shareholders

Operational Group structure
Operational Group structure (graphic)

* The Group CLO reports with a dual reporting line to the Group CEO and the Group COO.

** Group Legal is not a Group Function.

Legal structure — listed and non-listed Group companies

Swiss Re Ltd (SRL), the Group’s holding company, is a joint stock company, listed in accordance with the International Reporting Standard on SIX Swiss Exchange (ISIN CH0126881561, Swiss Security Number 12688156), domiciled at Mythenquai 50/60 in 8022 Zurich, and organised under the laws of Switzerland.

Information on its market capitalisation is provided in Share performance in this Financial Report. No other Group companies have shares listed. More information on the Group companies is provided in Note 21 to the Group financial statements.

SRL has a level I American Depositary Receipts (ADR) programme in the US. The ADR are traded over the counter (OTC) (ISIN US8708861088, OTC symbol SSREY). One SRL share equals four ADR. Neither the ADR nor the underlying SRL shares are listed on a securities exchange in the US. Shares represented by ADR for which no specific voting instructions are received by the depositary from the holder will not be voted.