Compensation Committee activities

Compensation Committee’s time allocation to key topics in 2019
Compensation Committee’s time allocation to key topics in 2019 (pie chart)

The Compensation Committee operates as the Group’s global compensation committee and oversees the compensation framework applied at all entities of the Swiss Re Group.

The Compensation Committee has an annual agenda to ensure that important reviews take place at the appropriate times throughout the year. The Compensation Committee also commits time to executive sessions and conducts a periodic self-assessment to ensure its high level of effectiveness. It held six meetings during 2019 and provided regular updates to the Board of Directors on topics discussed, decisions made and items for approval after each of these meetings. In addition, on seven occasions, it passed decisions by circular resolution. A high-level overview of topics dealt with by the Compensation Committee during the year is shown below.

High-level overview of topics discussed by the Compensation Committee

At Swiss Re, the compensation cycle begins in December and runs through to April of the following year. The Compensation Committee oversees each stage of the process, starting with deciding on the variable compensation pool for the prior performance year, reviewing this decision, and setting targets for the upcoming year.

Outlined below is an overview of the main topics discussed during the six Compensation Committee meetings held in 2019:

High-level overview of topics (graphic)