Other mandates, activities and vested interests

In line with Swiss Re Ltd’s Articles of Association the members of the Group EC may not hold more than five additional mandates, of which no more than one additional mandate can be with listed companies. Mandates (i) in companies which are controlled by Swiss Re Ltd or which control Swiss Re Ltd, (ii) mandates held at the request of Swiss Re Ltd or companies controlled by Swiss Re Ltd as well as (iii) mandates in associations, charitable organisations, foundations, trusts, employee welfare foundations, investment companies, equity partnerships or limited liability partnerships are not subject to the above limitations. No member of the Group EC may hold more than 5 mandates as set out in (ii) above and not more than 15 mandates as set out in (iii) above. Mandates shall mean mandates in the supreme governing body of a legal entity which is required to be registered in the commercial register or a comparable foreign register. Mandates in different legal entities that are under joint control are deemed one mandate.

All Group EC members comply with the requirements on external mandates set out in the Articles of Association.

Any activities of members of the Group EC in governing and supervisory bodies of important Swiss and foreign organisations, institutions and foundations as well as permanent management and consultancy functions for important Swiss and foreign interest groups and official functions and political posts are stated in each of the Group EC members’ biographies.