Compensation decisions for members of governing bodies

The section below is in line with Swiss law and specifically with Arts. 14 to 16 of the Ordinance against Excessive Compensation at Public Corporations (the Ordinance) which requires disclosure of compensation granted to members of the Board of Directors and the Group EC. Compensation to members of the Board of Directors and the highest-paid member of the Group EC is shown separately.

At the AGMs 2017 and 2018, the shareholders approved the maximum aggregate compensation amounts for the Board of Directors and Group EC for the prospective periods. For the reconciliation of these aggregate amounts to what was awarded, please refer to Reconciliation of AGM resolutions.

Related parties transactions

Disclosure on compensation decisions in 2018 covers members of the Board of Directors and the Group EC as indicated, and for both includes related parties to the extent applicable. Such related parties cover spouses, partners, children and other dependents or closely linked persons. In 2018, no compensation was paid to any related party.

Compensation for former members of governing bodies

During 2018, payments in the total amount of CHF 0.2 million were made to five former members of the Group EC. This amount is made up of company contributions payable by Swiss Re to governmental social security systems in line with applicable laws, benefits in the context of the outstanding mortgages and loans not at market rates, risk benefits and company commitments for tax-related services.