Pulse: an innovative platform puts powerful tools at clients’ fingertips

PULSE enables our corporate clients to easily view latest risk data and manage complex insurance programs from a single dashboard, accessible on any device.

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, we’re always looking for ways to make our innovative technology available to our clients. We aim to make it easy for them to get the information, services and support they need, when they need it. Our latest innovation is PULSE, an all-in-one platform that gives our international corporate clients a simple, user-friendly way to get their latest risk data and manage complex insurance programs at any time, on any device.

PULSE gives customers a dashboard view of all of their international programs and policies, allowing them to:

  • Ensure their policies are issued and paid in full
  • Initiate claims, upload supporting documentation and track claims processing and payments
  • Download policies, proof-of-insurance certificates and other documents, and export detailed account data as Excel files
  • See recommendations resulting from a site visit by Swiss Re experts and upload proof of compliance

We recently added access to CatNet, our industry-leading repository of detailed risk models related to natural disasters, allowing users to see the risk exposure of each of their business unit locations.

PULSE was designed to be a self-serve tool, but when a human touch is required, policy holders can use the platform to collaborate with their Risk Engineer on risk improvement actions.

One of our clients said that PULSE is “a differentiator” which has dramatically reduced the amount of time he spends managing his company’s policies.

Another user said: “It’s perfect – clean and easy to navigate and it contains all of the information I need.”

PULSE’s popularity is the result of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ commitment to close collaboration with our customers. Before building the platform, we conducted extensive interviews with corporate clients, asking them how we could make their jobs easier. Then we worked with interface design experts to turn their wish list into reality. The result is a platform that’s as elegant and intuitive as it is powerful.

And it’s only getting better: PULSE was designed to allow new features and functionality to be added over time, potentially providing even more value to our clients.