How re/insurance works

The re/insurance industry plays a pivotal social and economic role by protecting people and businesses against risk.

Our role and our mission

We help insurance companies and individuals to manage their risks by absorbing some of their biggest losses, especially losses stemming from natural catastrophes that are among the largest and most complex risks that exist. Therefore, we play a major role in preparing people, businesses and governments to face new and old threats. We constantly make capital allocation decisions, exercising disciplined underwriting and focusing on the most attractive risk pools. The premiums we receive in exchange for protection need to be invested smartly in various financial assets, which means our investments contribute to the real economy and to strengthening infrastructure. The capital remains invested until we need it to pay claims following a loss. As a knowledge company, we generate and share risk knowledge, helping society thrive and progress.

We cost, price, structure and diversify risk


We receive up-front premiums

We invest until money is needed

We compensate for losses

We reinvest profits for growth

We return cash to shareholders

Our differentiating features

Well positioned

Our capital strength, deep client relationships and knowledge-led approach position Swiss Re well to face industry challenges and seize opportunities.

A risk knowledge company

We invest in research and development and technology to support our clients and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

A successful capital allocator

We use a knowledge-based approach to allocate capital to the most attractive risk pools and target an optimal portfolio of assets and liabilities.

Focused on performance

We aim to achieve our Group financial targets and deliver sustainable shareholder value.