Risk governance documentation

Swiss Re’s risk management framework is set out in risk governance documentation at Group and legal entity level. Risk governance is the subset of corporate governance that describes the risk management framework and documents risk management practices. Group-level risk documents form the basis for all risk governance across Swiss Re. Additional risk governance for legal entities is prepared as an addendum to the Group or parent entity document.

Risk governance documentation hierarchy

Risk Governance Documentation Hierarchy (graphic)

Group risk governance documents are organised hierarchically across five levels, which are mirrored by equivalent documents at legal entity (LE) level:

  • (SRL) Bylaws and the charter for the Group Finance and Risk Committee outline the ultimate authority for risk management, assigning responsibilities to the Group Board of Directors and the Group Executive Committee.
  • The Group Risk Policy is defined by the Group Board and articulates Swiss Re’s risk appetite framework (risk appetite and tolerance) as well as fundamental risk and capital structure principles.
  • The Group Risk Management Standards outline how the Group organises and applies its risk management practices.
  • Risk category standards describe how risk practices are implemented for a specific category.
  • The lowest level comprises risk management methodology and process documentation.