Global Share Participation Plan and Incentive Share Plan

Global Share Participation Plan

Swiss Re offers its employees an opportunity to directly participate in the long-term success of the Group by purchasing shares (for up to a maximum of CHF 7 000 per year of a plan cycle and capped at 10% of base salary), through the Global Share Participation Plan (GSPP). Swiss Re provides a 30% match on the number of shares held by employees at the end of the three-year plan cycle. The match is subject to forfeiture in case of termination of employment before the end of the plan cycle.

The GSPP has the same core design in all locations.

Incentive Share Plan

The Incentive Share Plan (ISP) provides employees with an opportunity to purchase shares with some or all of their immediate cash API. The ISP encourages alignment with shareholder interests. Shares are offered with a 10% discount on the fair value and are subject to a one-year blocking period. Full shareholder rights apply during this blocking period.

At the end of the one-year period, the employee assumes full ownership of the shares. The ISP has been discontinued from 2019, given that there is some overlap with the GSPP.