Funding longer lives

People are living longer today than ever before, but the share of the working population is shrinking. As a result of this demographic megatrend, the costs of funding retirement income, healthcare and long-term care in old age are increasing dramatically. This could have significant financial consequences for individuals, insurers, employer pension funds and society in general. Public-private partnerships are needed to overcome this challenge.

Life and health reinsurance is part of our core business, and we are the world’s largest reinsurer of mortality risk. Consequently, we are a natural home for the longevity and health risks associated with ageing societies, and have the financial strength to take on risks across a person’s whole lifespan. Our in-depth research and development in the life and health area combines medical, demographic, social, behavioural and financial expertise to deliver unique insights into the implications of funding longer lives. Our global presence and deep understanding of different demographic needs throughout the world allow us to adapt and develop innovative solutions in new markets.

Our notable achievements in 2014:

  • We continued our involvement in Asia Health Symposia, which is an information-sharing platform to gather a cross-section of key stakeholders. Spin-off task-force groups maintained dialogue on key health issues identified;
  • Our senior management were engaged as keynote speakers at various US and Canadian industry conferences on “funding longer lives”;
  • We contributed several articles and interviews on “funding longer lives” topics to different media.

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