Swiss Re Academy in numbers

In 2014, all our employees took part in our development and training programmes. They completed 159 551 hours of training overall, averaging 13.1 hours and USD 1 500 per employee.

Total learning hours recorded in 2012 were noticeably higher due to increased activity in compliance risk training. As a general trend over the past three years, we have observed that employees tend to prefer to learn online, thus spending fewer hours in the classroom and contributing to a decrease in average learning costs.

In support of our flexible development and training philosophy, the Swiss Re Academy intranet site gives our employees easy access to our global learning catalogue, links to regional learning offerings and a multimedia library. Close to 80% of our training is delivered through eLearning formats. Using such online learning formats reduces the need for our employees to travel and spend time away from the office, while supporting our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Learning data*






To align with general reporting standards, we changed the basis for the calculation of our learning data from “employees trained” to “employees” (ie total headcount regular employees), and adjusted the 2012 and 2013 data accordingly.

Total learning hours recorded

172 120

163 305

159 551

Learning hours per employee




Learning costs per employee (in USD)

1 900

1 800

1 500