Group Issue Management

With Group Issue Management (GIM), we have a formal process to identify topics that are strategically important to us, our clients and society at large. These Top Topics denote the global challenges we want to help address and set an important focus for our stakeholder dialogue.

The GIM process involves our risk specialists, product experts and other professionals from across the Group. We share their risk expertise and solutions with key stakeholders, ie clients, investors, regulators, policy makers, academics and civil society groups. Through our Top Topics dialogue, we also aim to help shape public policy in a way that facilitates the development of effective responses to the issues identified.

We periodically review our Top Topics portfolio to reflect new business developments and shifting global agendas. Following an extensive review in 2012, we adopted a revised set of five Top Topics for our stakeholder dialogue:

  • Advancing sustainable energy solutions
  • Funding longer lives
  • Managing climate and natural disaster risk
  • Partnering for food security
  • Supporting financial stability

In 2014, we again worked on these Top Topics with many partners from the public and private sectors. In the following sections we provide a brief introduction to each topic, explain why we consider it to be important and give examples of our activities: