We also offer our employees a mentoring programme. In a mentoring relationship, a person with less experience in any area of business or personal development (“mentee”) is matched with a more experienced person (“mentor”), who acts as an active listener and guide. This offers a confidential relationship outside the reporting line that helps individuals develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours as well as to move successfully through times of change and transition. Our VCC includes a special search tool that helps our employees identify potential mentors.

As part of the enrolment process for two of our senior leadership programmes, we established cross-divisional mentoring relationships with our senior leaders. 120 employees benefited from this valuable opportunity during their 15-month programme.

As mentoring is by nature “self-organising”, it is not possible to provide exact statistics on how many of our employees and managers are formally involved in a mentoring relationship, but an estimated 500 people are currently listed as interested in being mentored or offering to be a mentor.