Our approach

Developing our people at every level and in all functions remains a strong focus for Swiss Re. By offering our employees first-class development and training opportunities, we create significant mutual benefits: Highly skilled employees help Swiss Re retain a competitive edge in ever-changing market conditions. In return, as a global market leader, we can offer our employees exciting and fulfilling career prospects.

Professional and personal development at Swiss Re combines technical, professional and leadership skills training. We design our training internally or in collaboration with leading external partners and deliver it through our long-established Swiss Re Academy.

Swiss Re Academy has developed extensive professional and personal development curricula to respond to changing business needs. Currently, we offer more than 730 different training courses. Our employees and line managers attend training in areas as diverse as underwriting, finance, sales and negotiation, leadership, diversity and inclusion, interpersonal skills, project management, office tools and language skills. Certain courses, such as compliance training, are mandatory. Employees who work directly with our clients are recommended to invest at least two days per year in formal sales training.

To support the professional development of our employees, Swiss Re Academy provides a portfolio of “blended” learning paths, combining face-to-face learning, eLearning, peer-to-peer coaching and virtual classrooms. Together, they offer a flexible approach to learning. Topics addressed in blended learning paths include communication skills, conflict handling, influencing skills, presentation skills, and remote managing and working.