2017 claims commitment – a difference that customers and brokers feel

The commercial insurance claims management process can be complex.

Through our industry-leading Claims Commitment, we aim to keep it simple and tailor our approach to our customers’ needs and preferences. Working with our customers and brokers, our claims professionals promptly investigate, evaluate and develop an appropriate resolution strategy. Where we have a duty to defend, we will work to determine, as early as possible, our customer’s preferred approach to whether the claim should be settled or defended.

In the event of an insured first-party property loss, we help our insureds get back to business quicker by making advance payments of up to 50% of our covered loss estimate.

Being there when our customer needs us is a top priority. We value a personal connection, and are committed to:

  • Contacting our client, or their representative, within one business day of receiving a loss notification when we lead the primary claim.
  • Returning phone calls and emails within one business day. When out of the office, we provide additional contacts, should immediate assistance be needed.
  • Completing initial investigations on claims, in most instances, within 30 days.
  • Paying covered claims within a period that meets our client’s business needs, in most instances, within five business days.

We believe that “how” a claim is handled is often as important as the outcome itself, and our clients and brokers tell us that they feel a difference. In the last few years, we have received top Claims ratings in several global broker and risk manager surveys, including a #1 global ranking in 2017 by one of the top brokers and #1 ranking in the 2017 Risk Manager Choice Awards, a national (US) survey conducted by Flaspöhler and commissioned by National Underwriter/Property Casualty 360.