Helping wind farms bring their projects to life

Corporate Solutions’ new Centre of Competence for Wind Power (CoCWP) helps make the world more resilient.

Many countries are committed to reducing carbon emissions, most recently under the 2015 Paris Agreement; consequently, the wind power market is growing rapidly.

Today’s wind power projects are large and complex, requiring insurance for both manmade and natural perils for onshore and offshore projects alike. To help developers understand and manage these risks, Corporate Solutions has established a CoCWP in 2016. The CoCWP draws from over 100 man-years of experience in this sector, making expertise and insights available to Corporate Solutions’ underwriters, risk engineers and claims professionals. It also supports clients directly by offering them expert advice in how to mitigate risks and minimise exposures. With this support, clients are better positioned to get their projects initiated and to remain profitable.

The investment in renewable energy, like Corporate Solutions’ sponsorship of Solar Impulse, aligns with its commitment to sustainability and making the world more resilient. As a leading insurer of wind power, Corporate Solutions has closed major deals around the globe, insuring more than four thousand wind turbines onshore and offshore, during construction as well as commercial operation. Corporate Solutions generated in excess of USD 50 million gross premiums written in 2016 from insuring wind turbines.