Regional and national insurers

Regional and national clients provide us with a buffer against volatility and play an important role in our growth aspirations.

The Regional & National (R&N) client segment, comprised of insurers that focus on a specific geography or niche, has long been the bedrock of the P&C portfolio. The large number of comparably smaller companies within our R&N client portfolio provides us with a buffer from the volatility inherent in the reinsurance industry. Additionally, the diversity of clients and their needs means we can provide innovative solutions and further build competitive advantage.

The R&N segment also plays an important role in our growth aspirations. Opportunity is significant in all geographies, with the US standing out as the largest R&N market. Growth will be driven by deepening relationships with existing clients and increasing opportunities for transactions with new clients.

Some of the longest-standing partnerships in our history are with R&N clients, and many relationships with our larger clients have their roots in this segment. R&N clients value us as a stable source of capital, technical expertise and broad market insight, and the fact that we are well positioned to rapidly provide expertise and tailored solutions, such as large multi-year transactions, sets us apart in the market.

We will achieve our goals with R&N clients by further increasing ease of doing business, providing the flexibility and timely service they require, and demonstrating our long-term commitment to them.