How we operate

Re/insurance creates stability. By managing risks and covering losses, we protect investments and enable economic growth.

Market forces


Our approach and why

A changing world of risk

Longevity, climate change and threats to cybersecurity are just a few of the forces altering the risk landscape.

We cost, price, structure and diversify risk

A knowledge company

We are a knowledge company and a thought leader. We devote substantial resources to understanding the risks we re/insure, as well as the ones just over the horizon. See the Sustainable Business section for details.

New markets, new clients

Growth in emerging markets is driving urbanisation and drawing more and more people into a global middle class. New markets demand re/insurance solutions.


Claims payment

Capital relief

Risk coverage

Building ties

We are actively recruiting top talent to fuel our growth and build up the relationships that are essential to success. See the Reinsurance success story in Colombia.

Alternative capital

Low interest rates have driven pension funds, hedge funds and other investors into the natural catastrophe risk pool, increasing competition and capacity for property re/insurance.

We receive up-front premiums

A resilient business model

Over 150 years we have accumulated vast experience and expertise that we apply for the benefit of our clients. Alternative capital does not fundamentally challenge our business model. See the Market Environment section for our strategic view on alternative capital.

Changing regulations

Regulatory reforms aiming for stability in the banking sector can also have adverse consequences for the re/insurance sector.

We invest until money is needed

Supporting growth and stability

The core activities of insurance are fundamental to economic growth, and they are neither a source nor an amplifier of systemic risk. See our view on regulatory reforms.

Shifting risk burdens

The governments of many countries are constrained and the needs of their populations are growing. Individuals are taking on more of the responsibility for risk.

We compensate for losses


Protecting societies

We are proud of our long record of supporting generations when disaster strikes. That reliability — and the trust it has earned us — goes a long way toward explaining our durability. See 150 years of managing risks of the Business Report for some highlights of Swiss Re’s relevance to society over the years.