Focus: The COVID-19 pandemic

Two joggers wearing masks (photo)

In 2020, our role in helping make the world more resilient became critical. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided support to societies through our financial strength, innovative solutions and risk knowledge. Our financial strength, combined with our powerful research and data capabilities, put us in a position to be able to support our partners during these difficult times.

In 2006, we developed a pandemic model to help us understand how pandemics affect our balance sheet. To learn about our model and how we are integrating knowledge acquired during the COVID-19 pandemic into the model, turn to the Business Report 2020.

In our reporting you can also learn more about how we have helped address the pandemic and its consequences:

In the Sustainability Report:

And in the Business Report 2020: How can we build resilience in the wake of COVID-19?.