We as One Swiss Re

Central to our sharpened Swiss Re Group strategy is the emphasis on bringing our entire organisation closer together as One Swiss Re, leveraging strengths across businesses as a more integrated Group.

Listening to our employees

We foster a culture of open dialogue and actively encourage employees at all levels to provide their feedback in regular, personal dialogue between employees and managers, and through regular employee surveys. This enables us to continually assess our progress in fostering an engaging, open and inclusive work environment and an agile, commercial culture.

This year we conducted two employee surveys: the first, a pulse survey carried out in April 2020 in response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, aimed to gain a better sense of our employees’ wellbeing. The second survey, conducted in September 2020, was broader in scope and focused on themes such as engagement, agile culture, organisational and personal resilience, inclusive culture, and risk and integrity.

Wellbeing pulse survey, April

We were pleased to see that most of our employees (89%) experienced a consistently positive level of wellbeing.

Most of our employees believe the care with which decisions to close the office were made, along with timely and transparent communication and work support they received, had a strong positive impact on their resilience.

Employee survey, September

We saw strong results with a significant increase in employee engagement at 71% (+8 points since 2019), the highest score since we started measuring in 2015, bringing Swiss Re above the industry benchmark.

Whistleblower programme

Swiss Re is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and accountability. We therefore encourage our employees to tell us if anyone within Swiss Re or connected to Swiss Re is, or is suspected of, acting illegally, improperly or unethically. In line with our Code of Conduct, we foster a culture of speaking up on discrimination and harassment and provide training and awareness sessions on these topics.

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