Our Group People Strategy

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As part of our new Group People Strategy, we lead, we build and we perform to bring the entire organisation together as One Swiss Re.

In 2020, Swiss Re launched a new Group Strategy, and with this, a new Group People Strategy. Our clients and partners are at the heart of our People Strategy. We achieve our common goals through our human capital, or simply put: our people. This is captured in the Group People Strategy 2025, which sets out what we desire to achieve in order to create the environment that enables each one of us to give our personal best. Delivering on the Group People Strategy 2025 is a key enabler for the success of the new Swiss Re Group Strategy.

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Our strategic ambitions are built on three pillars and one desired outcome:

  • Lead
    We are accountable for our own performance and development and help others to be the best they can. We create excitement for the future and connect on a personal and emotional level.
  • Build
    We understand, develop and build the capabilities to win in the future. We embrace continuous learning and growth to make each one of us more resilient. We have a strong employer brand and can attract the talent we need.
  • Perform
    We all take responsibility and hold each other accountable for results, behaviour and integrity. We invest and spend money with an “owner” mindset. We challenge complexity and work in adaptable and cross-functional networks of teams that allow decision-making at the lowest possible level.
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One Swiss Re
This is our desired outcome

We create an inclusive environment where people feel respected for who they are. We have a growth mindset, put client needs at the heart of our decisions, embrace digital opportunities, and focus on sustainable, commercial and financial outcomes. We aim to bring our entire organisation closer together as One Swiss Re and leverage strengths across the Group.