Caring for the wellbeing of our employees

We set high standards in terms of caring for the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees and aim to provide a healthy workplace that helps our employees take a constructive approach to their own wellbeing, while improving and retaining their ability to perform.

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. We offer free, locally available Employee Assistance Programmes, through which our employees can get confidential, impartial and professional assistance on issues of a personal or work-related nature.

Pathways, our Mental Health Network, was launched in the UK in February 2017. The network’s mission is to allow employees to bring their whole selves to work; to allow them to feel accepted and included and to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Training and awareness sessions have been at the core of our work since the launch. Across the globe, we also hold various local events on topics such as work stress, mental health and awareness trainings. For example, in South Korea we held two learning sessions on stress management that taught to understand stress and how to manage it properly. In Bangalore, we organised a mindfulness talk show where employees learned about the practice and benefits to reduce stress at work. To help our people stay fit, we provide onsite fitness centres and classes, for instance, in Switzerland.

Sick leave days, Switzerland regular staff





Number of employees

3 326

3 267

3 214

Number of employees who have recorded absence due to illness

1 979

1 809

1 683

Average number of sick days