Board and senior management responsibility

At Swiss Re’s highest governance level, the task of overseeing implementation of our commitment to corporate responsibility has been assigned to a committee of the Board of Directors: It is one of the responsibilities of the Chairman’s and Governance Committee to monitor the Group’s sustainability principles.

Regarding the development and adoption of relevant policies and strategies, the role of the Board of Directors is to endorse them, while the Group Executive Committee approves them. Group Risk Management is responsible for maintaining a suitable risk policy framework, and the Business Units drive strategic implementation within their respective areas.

On an operational level, various divisions, departments and units are involved in implementing Swiss Re’s commitment to corporate responsibility in daily business. The Sustainability, Emerging and Political RM unit drives the development of Group risk policies and related strategic projects and coordinates communication, dialogue and engagement efforts across the Group. In addition, it is responsible for producing Swiss Re’s Corporate Responsibility Report, which is reviewed by senior management and approved by the Board of Directors.