The Swiss Re employee experience

Swiss Re has a clear People Strategy that sets out what we want to achieve in order to create an environment that enables each of our employees to give their personal best. We regard our People Strategy as our “North Star”: It provides us with clarity and direction, it is embedded in everything we do and defines our ambition for the future of Swiss Re.

The strategy has four core themes:

  • Lead and develop: We aim to be known in the market for both our technical expertise and our leadership capabilities. Our employees inspire and engage each other across all levels through honest, constructive and timely dialogue and feedback. We invest in the career development of our people, which we see as a shared responsibility, with leaders investing their time and resources and employees taking ownership to drive their development.
  • Empower and collaborate: We empower and enable our people to make decisions and drive performance, while at the same time ensuring that we maintain an appropriate risk culture. We encourage all employees to work together and collaborate across organisational and geographical boundaries for the wider benefit of Swiss Re.
  • Drive the business: We want our employees to operate with a truly commercial mind-set and a clear sense of accountability. They should all take accountability proactively and hold each other responsible for performance in terms of both results and behaviour. We ensure reward is fair and competitive, although this should not be the main reason why people want to work for our company.
  • Build for the future: At Swiss Re, we embrace and build a diverse workforce that brings together the best of multiple generations, cultures, skill sets and thinking. Our aim is for our employees to live a flexible, inclusive and open culture where all perspectives are valued. We create meaning for our employees by connecting our work to the core purpose of our company: to make the world more resilient.

Swiss Re is committed to collecting and responding to employee feedback, as it helps us understand where we are on the journey to bring our People Strategy with its four core themes to life. This is one way in which we measure progress, but we also use a set of key performance indicators to provide us with a comprehensive picture.

Leadership from every seat

We believe that everyone at Swiss Re personally contributes to the future of our company by delivering to our clients, adding value in the best way possible and by creating an environment where true collaboration is the norm. To ensure Swiss Re remains successful in an ever-changing environment, we have introduced a new set of Leadership Imperatives. Their aim is to enable all our employees to act as leaders regardless where they sit in the organisation, by being more courageous, adapting to speed and creating joint movement.