Employee relations

Many of our locations have active employee groups. These employee representatives play an important part in SRZ’s success by contributing valuable perspectives and by helping us identify employment-related challenges. We support and appreciate the cooperation with these groups.

These bodies are elected by local employees and have clearly defined information and consultation rights. Although there are significant local differences in the applicable legislation, their rights typically concern: working conditions, benefits, reorganisation and restructuring, redundancies, disciplinary actions and conflict cases.

At our Zurich headquarters, where almost a quarter of our total workforce is employed, we work closely with the Personnel Committee (PECO). Representing the interests of our Swiss-based employees, PECO aims to create and maintain a positive working environment. It is involved in changes or adaptations to the General Working Conditions or other important policies, such as the Social Plan. PECO also seeks to ensure the de-facto equality of men and women, and places special emphasis on the challenges faced by employees with family obligations.

In the UK, similar activities are conducted by the Employee Liaison Group (ELG), and at our Munich office we have a works council with clearly defined codetermination rights in several areas. Other offices in Europe (eg in France, Italy, Luxembourg and Denmark) also have works councils or staff delegates, depending on the size of the branch and local regulations.

Alumni networks

Now running for 11 years, the Swiss Re Alumni network continues to grow. Our former employees have helped make our company what it is today and are still part of the extended Swiss Re family. With many of our alumni working for our clients, they also help deepen our client relationships.

As a subset of our Alumni community, we also have a strong network of retirees, who remain important stakeholders for SRZ. In-person events, monthly outings as well as an online platform allow them to stay connected not only with Swiss Re but also with each other.