We engage in regular dialogue with our stakeholders. By co-creating knowledge and sharing expertise, we help society advance effective responses to key risks.

Our re/insurance solutions help our clients and partners manage the risks they face. This in turn fosters stability and enables economic growth. However, many of today’s risks are complex and may threaten sustainable progress. To find effective, long-term responses to such risks, partners from the public and the private sector need to work together. For this reason, we attach great importance to engaging in an active dialogue with our principal stakeholders, which include:

  • Clients: cedents, brokers, corporate clients, government entities, multilateral organisations
  • Financial community: investors/shareholders, rating agencies, shareholder associations, stock exchanges
  • Employees
  • Political and legal entities: multilateral organisations (UN), governments, regulators, standard-setting boards
  • Civil society: general public, NGOs, academia

Our role as a risk knowledge company and ultimate risk-taker in society means that we have an intrinsic interest in pursuing productive dialogues with our stakeholders. Drawing on the expertise from our core business, we identify key risks and take an active role in discussions about them.

We share, exchange and co-create knowledge through many channels, eg our publications, international dialogue platforms, client and partner events, as well as cooperation with governments, non-governmental organisations, and academic institutions. Swiss Re Institute with its established brands such as the sigma series and the Centre for Global Dialogue plays a key role in our stakeholder dialogue (for further information, see below).

Our focused efforts give us valuable feedback and new insights for risk management and product development, sharpening our understanding of key perils and sustainability issues. The three 2030 Sustainability Ambitions of our Group Sustainability Strategy provide an important focal point for these efforts.

Swiss Re Institute

Swiss Re has long been recognised as a knowledge leader within the re/insurance industry. We believe that a superior understanding of the risks we all face supports the Group’s vision of making the world more resilient.

Swiss Re Institute plays an essential role in achieving this objective. It conducts and publishes superior risk research to drive better decisions and innovation in the re/insurance industry. It curates risk and market data to enable solutions that create value for clients and to guide the Group’s strategic direction. It acts as a coordination point bundling all research activities across Swiss Re and works with selected partners to explore the future of risk coverage, assess changes in the risk landscape and act as a catalyst for industry change.

The cutting-edge risk knowledge generated in this way is shared through publications, client programmes and conferences. Swiss Re Institute incorporates successful Swiss Re brands such as the sigma publication series, the annual SONAR Report and the Centre for Global Dialogue.

Based on its mandate and key activities, Swiss Re Institute supports the Group’s commitment to sustainability. It helps identify emerging risk trends and fosters dialogue with our clients and other stakeholders to advance sustainable risk solutions.