Life and health re/insurance

Life and health (L&H) insurance products play a crucial role in creating stability for individuals and society. They provide financial security in the event of death or illness, give access to medical treatment and offer dependable income in retirement. We help primary L&H insurers and other clients from the private and public sector to manage such risks efficiently, thanks to our specialist knowledge of mortality, morbidity and longevity trends.

Longevity and health insurance have remained two of our strategic priorities in the L&H business. The demand for longevity solutions is expected to grow further as demographics shift. We keep investing in research and development to improve our ability to predict mortality and longevity trends.

Demand for commercial health insurance solutions has also been growing, driven by several major demographic and socio-economic trends. These include: the greater healthcare needs of ageing societies; rising healthcare expectations of the new middle class, especially in growth markets; and healthcare finance reform, particularly in mature markets. We offer a variety of health reinsurance solutions to meet these needs, from short-term protection against the risk of volatility in medical expenses for insurers or employers to very long-term protection against the financial impact of disability or critical illness.