Responsible investment governance framework

Our Asset Management operates within a well-defined framework. Strong governance is key to bringing ESG considerations into the investment process in a structured and controlled way. Our approach to responsible investment is based on clear principles, procedures and responsibilities.

The Swiss Re Responsible Investing Policy defines our approach to responsible investing, specifies roles and responsibilities in the organisation, and defines implementation and monitoring standards for ESG criteria in the Group’s investment portfolio.

The policy is reviewed periodically and updated if required. It is complemented by the Swiss Re Asset Management Voting Policy, which provides guiding principles that apply to all our voting activities.

Swiss Re’s Head Responsible Investing (Head RI) develops and coordinates the implementation of the ESG strategy within the unit. As part of this role, the Head RI steers the ESG Advisory Board, a committee formed by representatives of all investment units as well as Legal, Compliance and Group Risk Management. The ESG Advisory Board reports on responsible investment activities in the various investment units, develops and reviews improvement ideas, shares knowledge and monitors implementation progress.

The Asset Management Investment Committee reviews and discusses Swiss Re’s responsible investment approach and advises the Group Chief Investment Officer on related decisions and improvements.

The overall responsibility for our ESG approach lies with the Group Chief Investment Officer who signs off investment decisions within the Group’s Strategic Asset Allocation.