Goals and scope


Total reduction of CO2 emissions per employee since 2013

Seamlessly continuing from the programme’s first phase, we launched a second commitment cycle running from 2013 until 2020. However, after almost halving our CO2 emissions per employee in the previous ten years, the potential for further reductions is now significantly smaller. Thus, our target until 2020 is to keep our CO2 emissions per employee stable at the 2013 level. In view of our expansive business strategy, especially in high growth markets, we regard this as an ambitious goal.

In the current cycle, the programme covers the following emission sources:

  • Heating (Scope 1)
  • Power consumption (Scope 2)
  • Business travel, copy paper use, waste generation, water use, technical gases and employee commuting (Scope 3)

In 2018, our total CO2 emissions per employee (FTE) decreased by 6.3% and were thus 8.1% lower than in 2013. We achieved this reduction mainly through a decrease in business travel and by further cutting power consumption at our business locations. Moving into more energy-efficient buildings, eg in New York and Zurich (Swiss Re Next), has been a key factor in this.

Goals of our Greenhouse Neutral Programme until 2020:

  • Maintain the emissions reductions we achieved between 2003 and 2013 regarding power consumption, heating and business travel;
  • Fully offset the remaining emissions;
  • Continuously reduce energy intensity (power consumption and heating) by 2% per year (kWh/FTE);
  • Obtain 100% of power from renewable sources by 2020.