Board of Directors

  • Walter B. Kielholz
  • Renato Fassbind
  • Mathis Cabiallavetta
  • Raymond K.F. Ch’ien
  • Mary Francis
  • Rajna Gibson Brandon
  • C. Robert Henrikson
  • Hans Ulrich Maerki
  • Trevor Manuel
  • Carlos E. Represas
  • Jean-Pierre Roth
  • Philip K. Ryan
  • Susan L. Wagner

Changes in 2015

At the Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2015, Trevor Manuel and Philip K. Ryan were elected as new non-executive and independent members of the Board of Directors for a one-year term of office. At the same time, the shareholders re-elected Walter B. Kielholz, Mathis Cabiallavetta, Raymond K.F. Ch’ien, Renato Fassbind, Mary Francis, Rajna Gibson Brandon, C. Robert Henrikson, Hans Ulrich Maerki, Carlos E. Represas, Jean-Pierre Roth and Susan L. Wagner for a one-year term of office as members of the Board of Directors. Raymund Breu did not stand for re-election.