The role of Swiss Re in society

Re/insurance helps the world to thrive, progress, and rebuild.

How re/insurance works

Use information and knowledge to price risk

Benefit to society

Support risk prevention by encouraging policy holders to take appropriate steps to mitigate risk.

What differentiates us

We have a deep understanding of the risk landscape and anticipate how it will evolve in the future.

~2 400

leading risk experts

Take risk from clients in exchange for premium income

Benefit to society

Make insurance broadly more affordable and available.

Provide insurers with risk coverage and capital relief.

What differentiates us

We invest across many different pools of risk to ensure that our business is diversified.


risk pools

Hold and invest upfront premiums from our clients

Benefit to society

Provide long-term capital to the economy on a continuous basis.

Drive change towards a more sustainable economy.

What differentiates us

Responsible investing is embedded in our approach, and we apply ESG criteria across our investment portfolio.


of our investment assets consider ESG criteria

Compensate for losses

Benefit to society

Absorb shocks and build societal resilience to risk.

Decrease vulnerability of communities and businesses.

What differentiates us

We focus on developing insurance products that allow for more extensive loss coverage.


claims and benefits paid in 2019

Reinvest profits for growth & return cash to shareholders

Benefit to society

Reinvest profits to fuel economic growth.

Create jobs.

What differentiates us

We create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Our shareholders can rely on attractive returns.


returned to shareholders in 2019

* This figure is derived from a return of USD 1.7 billion attributed to the ordinary dividend and a return of USD 0.9 billion attributed to share buybacks.