Introducing the ADAS Risk Score: Swiss Re and BMW Group’s partnership for safer roads

Car assembly line (photo)

As vehicles become increasingly autonomous, Swiss Re is enabling insurers to take ADAS into account in motor insurance products.

Swiss Re’s ADAS Risk Score is a vehicle risk-assessment model, built in strategic partnership with the BMW Group. ADAS Risk Score assesses a vehicle’s safety-enhancing capabilities and assigns it a safety score that insurers can use as a basis for underwriting and portfolio management. This relieves clients of the burden of having to continually reassess the safety features of numerous manufacturers.

“We want to drive innovation in the motor insurance sector, helping our clients to enhance their product suite. By encouraging customers to purchase ADAS, accidents will be reduced. It completely fits our vision to make the world more resilient.”

Andrea Keller

Senior Strategy & Partnership Manager, Swiss Re

The model uses manufacturer-reported safety specifications, data collected during real-world crash tests conducted by Swiss Re, computer simulations of various accident scenarios and claims portfolio analyses.

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Fewer rear-end accidents due to Automated Emergency Brake systems (AEB)

The result is a safety score that is specific to a vehicle in all of its available ADAS configurations. The higher the score, the safer the car.

Scheduled for launch in 2019, the programme will provide a win-win solution: Swiss Re clients will have an easy way to integrate ADAS into their insurance pricing, and drivers will benefit from premiums that acknowledge the safety offered by their vehicles. In addition to ADAS Risk Score, Swiss Re’s other initiatives in motor insurance include telematics - realtime information about how and where a car is being used - to enable our clients to create Usage Based Insurance (UBI) solutions.

Swiss Re’s investment in ADAS Risk Score reflects our belief that changing technology impacts the risk landscape and that new insurance solutions are needed to reflect that reality. By combining BMW’s engineering expertise and data with our capital, brainpower and the partnership approach we have with our clients, Swiss Re believes itself to be well-positioned in the race to shape the next generation of insurance products and services.