Closing the flood risk gap

Florida-based Security First was one of the first Swiss Re customers to directly integrate the modelling tool, part of our Flood Toolkit, into its policy administration system. Now agents can generate premium quotes in real time to immediately add flood coverage to customers’ existing homeowners policies. The number of policyholders opting to add flood insurance has significantly exceeded expectations, according to Security First.

Map of Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Region, USA (map)

This infographic does not represent the highest definition our Flood Toolkit model can offer

Broader adoption in the future

The policies made possible by the model’s insights also protect customers who live inland along rivers and in cities with aging drainage infrastructure, where heavy rains often result in inundation.


USD 40bn

is the estimated economic loss from major storms in 2018 (Source: Swiss Re Institute)

Broken street (photo)
Ship wreck (photo)